Thomas Dickerson

About Me

I'm an alum of the Brown Computer Science Department's PhD program. I was advised by Maurice Herlihy beginning in spring 2016, until my completion in spring 2019. I was previously advised by Paul Valiant, from fall 2013 - fall 2015.

I am currently the Chief Science Officer at Geopipe, which is NSF-backed and has been featured in XRDS. Brown's Daniel Ritchie and NYU's Claudio Silva serve as academic advisers to Geopipe.

My research interests center on applying the algorithmic lens to interdisciplinary problems. I also have non-computational research interests in Solid Biomass, Sustainable Heating, and development of Local Energy Economy.

Current Research

I am currently thinking about problems in distributed access control, performant data-structures for transactional memory systems, and large-scale reconstruction from geographic data. Some recent publications include:

Past Research

Computational Geometry

Scientific Computing


Contact Info

For academic inquiries: firstname_lastname at alumni dot brown dot edu.