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Advanced BASIC Concepts

by Thomas Dickerson

 This tutorial assumes a relatively high level of competence and understanding of TI-Basic. It is not meant as a starter's guide, or even an optimization guide. I recommend that you have read all the guides here, as well as this before continuing in this guide. It is meant to teach and encourage you to explore beyond the realm of the mere commands TI-Basic is made of, and to begin teaching you how to use them as language. More importantly it is designed to teach you to think, unlike some tutorials this will not hand out answers like candy. Instead it will make you come up with your own answers and then help you to improve them. One analogy for this is that middle school English class teaches you grammar and spelling. High school english class teaches you to write. In the long run that is the goal of this guide.

Table of Contents

The Contest
  Upon completing any of the assignments, feel free to submit it to me here for judging. All entries shall be tested on my calculator (84+SE). This page shall be updated to maintain the current leader. One prize shall be given for speed (in seconds) over 40 iterations, and one shall be given for smallest size of the total program. This includes source given here for the other routines that are part of the assignment. Your submitted entry must have the same filename as the starter program provided for that assignment. Any entries deemed to be stolen code, nonfunctional, or nonrobust shall be disqualified. If you find any example code for which you can create an error, and you can supply better code, you will be placed in the permanent hall of fame. There are some examples of this that have been intentionally left for you to find and others that may be there without my knowledge.
Part 1: Algorithms and Data Structures
Part 2: Geometric/Trigonometric Manipulations
Part 3: Strings Redux
Part 4: Graphics (what most of you are probably looking for)
Part 5: Putting it all together