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GNU General Public License v3
  • The source code for these projects is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 unless otherwise noted.


This is some really terrifying Python code that I wrote back in High School as part of a project to help the school IT staff lock down the network and enforce filtering settings, as well as monitor students in the computer lab, and provide anonymous application-use profiling to inform future purchasing decisions for the IT department. It was intended to be hooked into GINA and winlogon to provide an addition level of protection against student tampering. It has never seen the light of day until now, and it is by no means a fully functioning product. That said, many of the capabilities it was designed for have prototype code and a lot of the remaining work is interface design for the administrators.

I have specifically chosen GPL for this program, because I do not want it ever being close-sourced and packed as malware. If a school somewhere finds this and has a student programmer they trust to finish it as part of an IT department internship, please contact me for more information using the information in the navigation menu.