StickFigure Graphic Productions

GCode Adjuster v1.0


 GCode Adjuster is a software package designed to be aid in the easy manipulation of GCode files. Everyone who has used a CNC mill for artistic purposes knows the annoyances brought about when you discover you toolpath is scaled wrong for the block you want to mill. It is in situations like these that GCode Adjuster comes to rescue—or even if you just want to run a half or quarter scaled test before sitting down for the long wait to mill out your finished project. GCode Adjuster supports scaling and moving existing GCode files, changing your project's feedrates in a single click, and adjusting milling plateaus. Twenty percent of all profits from GCode Adjuster are donated to the Mount Abraham Union High School Technology Education department, to ensure students will be able to study their areas of interest, even if those interests don't lie in the traditional academic subjects.


  • Scaling
  • Moving
  • Adjust plateau heights
  • Adjust feedrates
  • View your toolpath from all sides
  • Compile GCode for faster editing later


OS: Linux, BSD, Apple OS X (Leopard tested), Microsoft Windows (XP + Vista tested),
Rendering: GCode Adjuster works best on platforms that support OpenGL, however in the rare cases where this is unvailable, GCode Adjuster features a slightly more limited software renderer to ensure that it can be used on the most minimal of hardware.

Licensing Options

this is just a summary of the various licensing issues to be discussed in depth later.
  • Single User / Multi User
  • Educational License / Home+Small Business License
  • Source Access
  • Support Period (upgrades + email support)
  • Custom Licenses