StickFigure Graphic Productions


Note that this page is largely out of date and inaccurate, and will be updated with real content temporarily

  Welcome to the home of the StickFigure Graphic Productions RPGKit project, and CeltQuest. The RPGKit is rapidly becoming a Java based, open source, framework for developing RPGs. More documentation will be posted as development continues and when Im feeling a little less lazy. Anyone who wishes to contribute to the RPGKit should email me at the address provided on the left.
  The RPGKit currently contains a Character class, a Tile class, a TileSet class, and an Item class. Currently under development are the Map and Action classes. The Character class represents a simple character, extensible using the Action class to create characters with new behaviors, sprites, etc. The Item class represents an item and is extensible to create new types of items with different icons, and behaviors. Finally the Tile class represents a tile. Each Tile object is passed an Action object to define its behavior. The TileSet is used for collections of Characters, Tiles, Items, and Maps.
  The current Javadoc documentation is available here. A downloadable version is here.