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The code on these pages has been posted in the hopes that someone will find it neat or useful. You may use it freely with the following caveats:
  • Students, please do not attempt to turn any code from these pages in to your professor as part of a homework solution. Not only is it unethical to do so, and unhelpful to your education, they are well indexed by Google and you will get caught.
  • If these pages have brought you any use or enjoyment, a thank you note would be appreciated. My contact info is available from the navigation menu.
  • Some things may be broken or wrong. I'm not liable for anything this code does. Use at your own risk.

Ciphers & Crypto

  • A5/1 Stream Cipher (Python)
  • Atbash Cipher (Python, Preserves non-Latin-alphabet characters)
  • Feistel Cipher (Python, Generates explicit formula for round N in terms R0, L0, & K)
  • Vigenère Cipher (Python, Uses full ASCII character set as alphabet & a hexadecimal representation for output)
  • Petra's Lucky Dragon Cipher (Python, Reverse engineered from Orson Scott Card's "Shadow of the Hegemon")
  • Wordstat (Python, Analyzes character frequency in a text, as well as common digraphs and trigraphs)

Screen Robots

  • Annoy-o-click (Java, Generates random mouse activity for a while, and finishes with the key-sequence to launch a Task Manager in Windows)
  • TwistHax (Java, Cheats at the popular game TextTwist by systematically trying all permutations of letters — you'll get bored before you break any highscore records)

Cute Algorithm Implementations

iTunes Visualizers (made with Quartz Composer)

(You might need to right click and "Save As" instead of just clicking on the link)
  • "ThomViz" - a cool bouncing dots visualizer that works well with thumping bass
  • "TVBlack" - ThomViz, but with a solid black background instead of a gradient

Miscellaneous Miscellany